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Vietnam has a strong Legal Framework that creates an attractive investment destination for many overseas investors.


The legal framework in Vietnam is well established to protect the people and businesses alike.  Ths provides a stable and robust legal environment for companies to focus on growing their business.

More importantly, there has been continuous updates in the legislation to ensure that Vietnam is kept abreast of the latest changes in the global environment so that it continues to remain a destination of choice.

There has been many developments, including amendments to the Domestic Law, Corporate Law as well as the various Free Trade Agreements affecting a multitude of engagements between parties. This entails strong local legal expertise coupled with experience in international engagement.


Typical Legal Challenges:

Some of the legal challenges typically faced by new foreign companies entering Vietnam includes :

1. Establishing the correct corporate structure

2. Ensuring the legal representatives' framework are in line with local regulations

3. Ensuring the capital inflows and capitalisation of the company

4. Translation of legal documentation


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